Letter from the founder


The ideas of the American Dream live in the mind of the dreamer. The American Dream is a mindset, one I’ve always believed in. Eventually, someone has to speak up. Not with words, but with action. Revolution doesn't have to be a physical campaign. This bruised and battered American Dream needs you and I to believe in it. For me, it was the simple act of saying “NO”. My silent protest to the world, to greed, to communism, to evil… building a factory, and saving a loom. Risking it all on an impossible mission. Embracing the beauty and burden of the unknown, to prove there can be a new WAVE OF FREEDOM. One that injects soul back into this republic and her calloused hands. From Maine, we can once again be the tip of the spear. Shedding a light on America’s abandoned communities and people, to help them, to tell their story, and to once again, like our ancestors, become savage Yankees from New England, taking a stand, to take it back, to inspire a nation, and to change the world.

The Origin Story

There’s a question we’re asked quite often: Why do you do it? Why work so hard to bring back manufacturing that’s been surrendered to overseas companies? The answer is simple. Because not existing, not trying is to accept things as they are. And we can’t do that. It’s just not in us to surrender our birthright and the promise of the American Dream. Because we all know what surrender looks like. Friends and relatives who’ve had their livelihoods stripped from underneath them and sold to the lowest bidder... China. Abandoned mills, empty train yards, decaying infrastructure, and tenements gone to seed. Communities that once supported themselves and thrived with vital industry now just sad reminders of what used to be.

So we set out to bring it all back. Even when they laughed at us. Especially when they laughed. In 2011, we drew a line in the dirt. Not a narrow track but a trench raked with a boot heel. It was an act of raw emotion and perfect clarity. The near surrender of American Industry was leaving our country vulnerable, our communities gutted, and our knowledge base depleted. So we chose a different future - one where we weren't waiting for someone else to step up. By sweat, nerve, and sheer will, we put that vision in motion with our own hands: We cleared a swath of forest in the foothills of western Maine. We built a 7,000 sq. ft. timber-frame manufacturing facility. We rescued a historic loom and gave it a second chance to craft the American Dream. And then we just kept going – building, growing, learning, improving.

It’s been 12 years of heavy lifting. Of salvaging looms and repairing machinery left to rust on the heap. Of retrofitting factories. Of seeking out a dying breed of craftsman and attaining knowledge on the verge of oblivion. Of teaching ourselves a lifetime of skills. Of building teams and best-in-class products. Of growing with the needs of our customers. And of paying a steep price for the lessons learned along the way. (We call those lessons “tuition payments.”) But we never stopped grinding, pushing ahead. We knew what we were rebuilding and what was at stake: pride, hope, and healing this bruised and battered American Dream. Today, we occupy 230K sq. ft. of manufacturing space across four facilities in two states and employ over 400 people. And we’re just getting started.

Wave Of Freedom

It’s the perpetual, unyielding force - the unstoppable wave of freedom that carries change and the reclamation of knowledge and our American way of life back to our shores. But that's not all.It began with inspiration from a Japanese symbol for honor, grounded in our passion for the legacy and life lessons of Jiu-Jitsu. But it embodies so much more.It’s the cyclical journey of life - the start, the path, the end, the rebirth. It’s the binding power - the needlepoint of the wave’s crest that pierces the frayed fabric of our nation and binds us back together again, making us whole. It’s the talisman of strength, purpose, and promise. And to wear it is to understand and accept what it represents - a vow to American Freedom.


The bar for claiming to be Made in America is set low. Under the Berry Amendment, cheap materials and components can be sourced from other countries. But so long as the end product is assembled here, it’s technically Made in the USA.

To us, that’s a cheat. It’s a lie. It’s flat out greed-washing: an illusion of quality to drape a brand in patriotism it hasn’t truly earned - all to drive sales. It’s why we’ve taken a Better-than-Berry stance.

We exhaust all avenues to ensure our materials, fibers, and components are sourced in America, exceeding Berry Amendment Standards. If a component is made on American soil, WE USE IT. If it can’t be sourced domestically, we invest in the equipment and skills to make it ourselves. And in the rare instance when a material is temporarily impossible to source or produce in our country, we make it known: to our industry as a call to arms that a gap in the supply chain needs to be filled; to our customers as a duty of transparency so they know their trust in us is well placed.

From the farms where we source materials to our sustainability practices in manufacturing, we are committed to doing all the right things for all the right reasons - and all 100% Made in America.

Durable For Life

We build our products to last, and we test and manufacture to the highest quality standards. Reinforced stitching. Gussets and multi-panel construction. Every detail is over-designed and over-built to a standard all our own to make every ORIGIN product durable for life. So put on ORIGIN and get living. Wear our jeans every day. In the sun to bleach them out. On the job to stretch and stress them until they’re threadbare at the knees and fraying at the cuffs. Lace up your boots and log the miles until your treads are worn down. That’s our hope - that you wear it out. And we promise it will never fail you. Other brands want you to buy more. We want you to buy less. But to buy better. To buy the best. And wear it for life.